Have you ever woken up with a song playing in your head? And you don't remember neither the name of the song nor the lyrics. All day long you are trying to remember what song it is, but to no avail.
In this situation, Song Guesser can help you. In order to identify a song, it is enough to tap the rhythm of its melody on songguesser.com.
You should tap the melody the way you would sing it. So, “la-la” becomes “tap-tap”.
Tap the most recognizable part of a song: chorus, riff, solo, intro. Don't mix vocals and instruments, tap only the main theme.
To use the Song Guesser, you don’t need to have an ear for music, but only a common sense of rhythm that most people have.
Song Guesser has the following strong points.
  • To search for a song, you don't need to sing, hum, whistle or make other sounds.
  • It can find song fragments that cannot be sung: guitar riffs and electronic beats.
  • If you don't remember the melody, you can still find the song by its features using filters.
  • You can train it by suggesting known songs so it could guess them better.